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Memory book

Memory Book is a unique augmented reality (AR) program focused on stimulating cognitive functionality through the marriage of immersive video and cutting edge technology. Images are brought to life with a simple user interaction via a smart device and the patented Looking Glass application.

A digital activity that seeks to monitor memory and reflective thought, Memory Book is played out on a digital device to reconnect users with their past and the history of places and landmarks most familiar to them.

Part of the exclusive TDL Digital Experiences suite.

Virtual Spaces

TDL has created a programme of Virtual Reality experiences designed to transport residents to a series of specially filmed environments, all prepared with wellbeing at their heart. These journeys take users to new places as well as providing a reminder of things that they may have experienced in their younger days.


Using the voice activated technology at the heart of Amazon’s Alexa devices, TDL has developed a series of engagement pieces to provide a digital companion to residents in care as well as returning a sense of control and empowerment to those who need it most.

Audio Book Club

Taking advantage of Amazon’s Alexa hardware and the companion Audible library of audiobooks, we can help you create a book club with a difference for residents who want to listen and share the experience with each other.

Emotive Eye

Specifically designed for people suffering from Dementia. This digital programme uses emoji technology to interact with sufferers of dementia as well as providing feedback to the care home on the trends of cognitive function in relation to memory and moods.

The Optimist

A unique app experience that works on mobile, tablet and big screen, The Optimist allows care homes to measure the cognitive ability of their residents on a regular basis through a smart, measurable tool that encourages stimulation and memory development.


A flagship, TDL initiative, using a multi-sensory program of video, sound, light, scent, touch and taste, STIMUL8 allows you to take groups of people on an exciting journey that promises to excite all five senses simultaneously.